Brad Sweetman – Sound Engineer

Based in Cheshire, with other bases in Manchester and London, i have roots in live sound and music production. My education and focus has always been in audio, which i have combined with a passion for film and a love of working on set.

Our hearing is a hugely vital sense when it comes to immersing us into someone else’s depiction of a Situation. Just picture how much better a story is when spoken with a bit of dynamic range and a few impromptu mouth-made sound effects, than it is as words in monotone.

My philosophy is to focus, work hard and smart as a team, make the best use of the often limited time on set, and aim to produce film and TV to be proud of.


“Hearing is not like seeing. What is seen can be abolished by the eyelids, can be stopped by partitions or curtains, can be rendered immediately inaccessible by walls. What is heard knows neither eyelids, nor partitions, neither curtains, nor walls. Undelimitable, it is impossible to protect oneself from it. There is no acoustic Viewpoint. There is no terrace, no window, no keep, no citadel, no panoramic lookout of sound. Sound rushes in. It violates… and it is allied with the night.”

Pascal Quignard (1996) La Haine De La Musique